Why Do I Need a Generator?


Our lives are becoming ever more dependent on electricity. If the power to your home is cut, are you happy with cold water, no heating, no internet, reading by candlelight, worrying about the food in the freezer thawing, being locked in or out by electric gates, etc? It doesn’t have to be this way.

Modern standby generators are clean, quiet, capable of supplying your entire home through long power cuts and are very cost effective both in terms of installation and set-up as well as running costs.

Apart from power cuts caused by falling branches during storms, flooding and other natural disasters, State of power supply in the UKthere is now a huge gap between peak demand and peak supply. Now, in February 2016, we are talking about 20%.  On 26th Janaury 2016, Lord Redesdale, Chief Executive of the Electricity Management Association said that he believes there’s around 80% chance of blackouts or brownouts next winter.  He said: “It might not happen this year but that’s not the issue, the issue is that we don’t have solutions for the next five to 10 years.”

It will take many years to resolve this and most experts now agree there will be no significant upturn for some years and it will probably be 2035 before sufficient nuclear-powered electricity can be generated to bridge the gap.


The most recent report from the BBC can be found here:

How do domestic generators work?

Power cuts are becoming more and more a way of life, especially in rural or semi rural locations. As our lives become ever more dependent on electricity, the need to ensure continuity of power supply has never been greater. By installing a Generating Interest standby system you can confine power cuts to the dustbin of history.

The days of noisy machines which are difficult to start and produce smoke and smells are also in the past. A modern standby generator is compact, quiet, fuel efficient and fully automatic.

The system can be configured to supply essential services only such as heating, lighting and cooking to powering the entire house so whilst your neighbours are in darkness, you won’t even know there is a power cut.

Our generators are designed specifically for home use, carry full CE and safety certification and are installed by fully qualified registered engineers and technicians. By selecting Generating Interest as your home standby power partner you will be dealing with a local company owned by people who fully understand the effects of frequent power loss and who really care about designing and installing the best system for your individual needs.

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