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Generating Interest supplies, installs and maintains gas powered (both LPG and Natural Gas) standby generators. We can also supply diesel generators whenever appropriate and with any amount of power. Our specialism in back-up power enables us to supply a seamless service from initial site survey and consultation through to installation.  We can also do much more, from installing a permanent supply to working with others to provide a green, off-grid solution. We provide all the servicing and maintenance required to keep your generator running.

Our directors live in rural properties themselves and understand that as a homeowner you want minimal disruption, with the work carried out with care and attention to detail.

Surveys & Consultation

No two homes are the same and particularly in rural locations no two installations are the same. For this reason we offer a home consultation and survey, without obligation, to design a standby generating system which is fully suitable for your needs.

We have access to a comprehensive range of generators that can power any size of property from a small cottage to an entire country estate. Our consultation staff always take their time to listen to and understand your needs and budget, and our electricians are experts in the intricacies of generators, the switch gear involved, and the issues that can arise in older buildings.


Safety is the key to any electrical installation, so Generating Interest only uses fully qualified accredited electricians who are experts in generator installation. Our electricians are often working in high value properties and understand the need to work neatly and cleanly whilst minimising disruption to you. In most cases the electrical work for a generator installation can be completed within a single day.


Whilst modern home generators are compact, they must be correctly sited and fuel and power connections made. Sometimes this will involve building as well as electrical work.

Our technical team is headed by one of our directors who has very extensive experience in historic and sensitive structures. You can be sure we won’t make (or leave) a mess. In fact you’ll hardly notice we have been there at all!

Maintenance & Servicing

Your home generator is there for when it’s needed, which naturally means it spends much of the time quietly waiting in standby. Correct servicing is essential to ensure that when the need comes, the system is ready and able.

All our generators run an automatic weekly or fortnightly exercise cycle to ensure they are lubricated and fully operational.  For more complex installations, we can offer a bespoke service.  In any event, we aim to ensure that that every installation is ‘fit and forget’ for our customers.

Warranty, Support, Delivery & Information

All of our generators come with a manufacturers warranty, which varies according to each manufacturer and model.
We will always tell you about the warranty which applies to your generator.

As a local company we take support very seriously. Our directors and staff understand that when our customers need help we need to respond quickly. The best way of ensuring the smooth running of a home generator installation is to ensure it is regularly serviced. So we offer a full range of service options from competitive ‘single visit’ pricing to a comprehensive service and maintenance plan.

Delivery is dependent on the type and size of generator. The most popular sizes of gas generator (8, 12.5 and 14kW) can be delivered within days.

Once any preparatory work is carried out, such as preparing a concrete slab and other necessary groundworks, installation usually takes less than one day, with minimal disruption to the home.

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