Case Studies

Case Studies: The Lamb at Wartling

The Lamb Inn at Wartling (near Hurstmonceux in East Sussex) is owned and run by the Braxton family.  It does wonderful food and is a journey we all like making.  The whole village suffers from power cuts and the Braxtons wanted (and needed) back-up power.  Commercial kitchens use a lot of electricity; not a problem, just increase the power of the generator!
Case studies: The Lamb At Wartling
But there was a problem!  There was only one location for the generator, so that governed the physical size of the machine.  This restricted us to about 63 amps, and so our electricians changed the circuit boards to cover the essentials – the full kitchen, beer pumps, fridges in the bar, till and card reader and some lighting; for the rest, candles and fires add to the atmosphere!

Installing the generator was a tight squeeze:  doors were removed, steps surmounted with ramps and rollers, and corners negotiated with an inch to spare in some cases, but we managed it.  We are told that the residents of Wartling are delighted that when their lights go out, they can take refuge in The Lamb.

Case Studies: Generating Interest to the rescue!

We were recommended to someone who had ordered a generator from another company, but months had passed and it hadn’t arrived.  The clients had a function coming up, and wanted back-up power.  We telephoned and went to see them on the same day.  Their main fuse was in a brick barn on the opposite side of a courtyard from their house.  It wasn’t feasible to put the generator in the courtyard, and to put it elsewhere would have required a lot of cabling and expensive ground works.  They wanted it inside the barn.

For various reasons, particularly danger from exhaust gases, we do not normally site generators inside buildings. However, the barn was some 5 x 16 metres, with plenty of height, so we devised and created an extension to the exhaust pipe to take the gases out through a brick wall.

The function was imminent, so we also had to arrange for immediate delivery and installation – not easily done, but our suppliers and electricians stepped up to the mark.  Incidentally it works perfectly, and the exhaust is quieter than normal, with no loss of electrical output, so our clients are delighted.

Case Studies: A Temporary Measure

We were contacted by someone living in a part of Kent which is notorious for power cuts.  Apart from the house, the clients run a business from a separate barn where security, temperature and humidity are important issues.  They required a generator to be installed by Christmas, which was not far away.

We assessed the amount of power he would need, and ordered the generator, which was coming from abroad.  Delivery was delayed for unspecified reasons, but Christmas was approaching fast. We decided we would have to buy a different machine and lend it to him as a temporary measure.  It was installed it on the 23rd December, and on the 27th our client emailed us: “Double whammy!  We have had two power cuts today, and one is still on as I type this!” Those two power cuts lasted a total of 11 hours.

A month later we installed the machine which had been destined for him and removed the temporary one.

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