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The UK has an ever-narrowing gap between the amount of power the grid can deliver and the maximum demand placed upon it. When this gap is closed or part of the supply infrastructure is damaged your lights are likely to go out.

In recent years, unusual weather patterns have increased the number of storms the UK experiences, not just in the winter months. High winds and torrential rain often lead to power cuts, lasting from a couple of hours to a few days.

Imagine the inconvenience if you have no lighting, no broadband or telephone (a major problem if you work from home) and perhaps no hot water or shower. Your security gates might lock you in or out of your property.
After a day or two, your freezer will start to defrost. You may have no means to cook or heat water.

About Generating Interest

Generating Interest is an independent specialist company founded to supply and install backup generators to the residential and commercial markets. We are the preferred suppliers and installers in the South and South East for the world’s major manufacturers and distributors, and can impartially advise you on the generator that will best suit your needs.

Our directors and staff have extensive experience in civil engineering, property and electrical engineering. Our founders both live in houses in rural Sussex, and understand all too well how frequent and inconvenient power cuts can be.

What we can do for you…

As a company, we are dedicated to ensuring that the right equipment is installed and maintained correctly in your property, in order that you will not be left in the dark again.
Nigel Burnett, director, Generating Interest Nigel Burnett
Managing Director, Generating Interest

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