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Looking for a standby generator? We are an independent company which supplies, installs and maintains gas and diesel-powered home generators.
Standby generators can start up automatically in the event of a power failure.

Don’t be left in the dark…..

The UK has an ever-narrowing gap between the amount of power the grid can deliver and the maximum demand placed upon it. When this gap is closed or part of the supply infrastructure is damaged – the lights will go out.

  • Unusual weather patterns have increased the number of storms the UK experiences, and not just during the winter months. High winds and torrential rain frequently lead to power cuts, from a couple of hours to a few days, in the worst cases.
  • All forecasts show that the UK’s demand for electricity will continue to rise.
  • Wind power’s contribution is still small. Solar farms can produce a significant amount on a perfectly clear summer’s day, but on a still, cloudy day in winter neither wind nor solar can generate enough power.
  • A power cut for an hour or so can be a minor inconvenience – but long term? No lighting, no broadband or telephone (a major problem if you work from home) potentially no hot water or shower.
  • Your security gates will lock you in or out of your property. For homes with no gas, you’ll have cold meals and no cups of tea!
    After a few days, freezers will start to defrost…

No more power cuts!

A standby generator from Generating Interest will automatically turn itself on when the mains power fails and supply anything from a few vital circuits up to an entire building with clean, quiet electricity. When the mains power is restored, the system knows when to shut down and revert to standby. With a full maintenance service, you can be confident your lifestyle will never be interrupted by a loss of electricity again.

Home generator packages

Generating Interest’s generator packages (including groundworks & installation) start from just £6,000 for a generator that can run a 5 bedroom house for over 12 hours, inclusive of lighting, water heating, cooking, internet and other entertainment systems**.

Why so many power cuts?

This energy consultant explains why the lights will be going out more often.

How easy is it to get standby generators installed?

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** calculated following a site visit and consulation, based on the individual requirements of your property.
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